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Improve Your Surfaces So That They Shine, With Reflective Floors And Counter Tops In Cairo, GA, Panama City, Crawfordville, Thomasville, GA & Tallahassee, FL

The Certified CTi process gives any concrete surface, from counter tops to patios, a unique and durable look.

A benefit of reflective floors that many people overlook is how they brighten a room with their high light reflectivity. Installing light-colored polished concrete floors can help save energy and reduce lighting bills by amplifying the amount of natural light entering a home or building during the day, while reducing the need for artificial light at night. These green-friendly floors not only help achieve LEED certification and slash energy consumption, but also provide a unique look.

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Bright, shiny polished concrete floors look better than a dull, drab surface. In public facilities such as office buildings, stores, restaurants and schools, polished concrete projects a bright, clean, professional image. In a home, reflective floors make rooms sparkle and they are easier to maintain.

As a Concrete Technology Inc. certified dealer we offer multiple decorative finishes. We understand that it’s important that your floors look great and remain in excellent condition for years to come. Get in touch with a Specialist TODAY!

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